Baan Fai come from 2 words. Baan mean house while Fai is the cotton trees or cotton. Together Baan Fai means the house alive wit Fabric product made.
Baan Fai well know as a homemade fabric product since 1982. Satisfy all guest we aims to create our product to guesthouse following with restaurant, all product was organized by home industry until now.
our product is dedicated to bringing the highest quality product to our guest at suitable price.
Many of our products are exclusive in designs such as Fabric, Ceramic, Silver and Silk.


on the route from Lampang to Chiang Rai.
Our room are reconstructed from the old Lanna’s house, decorated in contemporary Lanna Style with teak wood furniture. Amidst natural embrace. We preserve all long age tropical green garden.


Recommend Menu


Deep fried grey fish with sugar cane
Steamed shrimp with mike
Steamed seafood curry paste filled in coconut
Thai spicy papaya salad with fresh crabs


Spring roll
Thai hors d’oeuvre (Northern sausage with chili paste)
Deep fried serpent-headed fish with pork-pasted stuff (Northern Style taste)

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